Sister, Sister





It’s hard to describe how special it was celebrating both of our birthdays together in California for the first time… ever (we were born 368 days apart). These pictures come pretty close though. Sometimes we were making sure to pose just right for our Coachella Diaries post pictures, but most of the time we were being goofy and dancing and having a blast. Sisterly love at its finest!

Xx, E & S


First post

A first post is a big thing for a blogger. It’s like placing a newborn baby in front of the world, and hoping you’re not the only one who thinks he/she is adorable (serious props to Kate Middleton). So, world, my sister and I present to you our collaborative blog, FromVAtoCA.

Hopefully, the title hints (subtly, of course) that there was a move from Virginia to California at one point. My sister and I grew up on the coast of Virginia, and I (Emmy) moved to Central California for college. Hating the 2700 mile divide, we talked almost daily about the coastal differences in culture, fashion, and surf, among many of our other interests.


Now we find ourselves on the precipice of “adult life” and facing a lot of change. It seems like right out of college, every decision will be the biggest of your young life. What will my first job be? Am I going to love where I live? Where I work? Where will I be in the next five years? 10? (Those last few are the WORST.)

But I am more than grateful to have my sister here through all of it, and I hope know she would say the same.  So, we decided to make our normal conversations about the coasts public (with a little more organization, of course).

We both love fashion, and that is probably the most distinct difference we have. She (Sarah) mixes bold with classic pieces, and throws in a little bit of edge – think a strong-colored sheath with a crisp white leather vest. I’m a little more laid-back bohemian with my glam moments – like an ikat print ankle pant with a perfectly cut white tee. She loves the designers; I love the stores, but we both love the clothes.


Another thing we both adore is the ocean. We have always been close to a coastline, and nothing clears our heads faster than toes in the sand. Sarah is the surfer girl of the family, and I am the beach-chair cheerleader (side note: I used to surf, but haven’t gotten much time in on the West Coast. And the water is a bit chilly.) But the adventurous callings of the sea is one of our biggest inspirations, as well as the women who answer back. All hail, surfer girls.

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come: 

– Summer Surf Events (US Open/ECSC)

– Our favorite brands (East and West-coast based, respectively)

– Alliterative weekly posts that are absolutely not over-used (Tuneage Tuesday, Worthy Women Wednesday, Find Friday)

– Style inspirations

– DIY’s

And on that note, we’re still taking requests.

xx, E&S