DIY Sunflower Nails


Spring is in full bloom! We love this DIY we spotted on our West Coast gal pal, Amanda’s Instagram (@NewberNewbz), so we asked her to share her secrets to perfecting this sunny manicure.




If you are just looking for a solid white manicure for sunny days ahead, Amanda said the CND will last about a week on its own. She also swears by the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat, saying it gives her a gel-like shine and a chip-free manicure longer than any other top coat she has tried.

Apply top coat after completing your sunflowers (see below for more), and in just minutes you will be good to go!




Here is the basic color palette needed to complete your sunflowers.

  • From left to right you will need a black, dark red, orange, and pale yellow polish.

You can pick up any of these colors at your local drug store, and don’t worry about the brand (the cheaper, the better). The orange and the yellow will be used for the petals, and the dark red and black will be used for the centers.

  • You will also need a toothpick (or nail art stick), a couple of micro paintbrushes (or nail art brushes), plastic lids for mixing colors, and a small bowl of acetate.


  • Focus on one nail at a time. With each nail, start by creating the petals of the flowers in the light yellow color. When the yellow is still slightly wet, dip one of your micro brushes in the acetone and then the orange to layer the colors. You can even swirl a bit of both the yellow and the orange on one of the plastic lids and go back in with a micro brush for more shading. Get creative!


  • Once all of your petals are completed, go back in to paint the centers in black. Using the toothpick, create the fuzzy edges between the center and the petals. Then, use the acetone in the same way as the petals, but this time by shading the dark red in with the black. You can even take the micro brush and layer some dark red spots in the very center of the flowers for some depth.


  • Lastly, clean one of your micro brushes of all paint, wet it with the acetone, and gently swipe your brush from the middle of the flower towards the outer edge of the petals, dragging a tinge of the darker hues from the center outwards to blend everything and add realism.

Finish with a top coat of the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat and let the sunshine in!

If your toes need some DIY love too, try a few of our favorites from the queen of fabulous pedicures, Goldfish Kiss: Springy Cherry Blossoms or Summery Pineapple toes.


And thank you again, Amanda, for contributing the pictures and instructions for the DIY. She’s the pretty lady on the left; we were so happy to bump into her a few weekends ago at Coachella!

Xx, E & S


NYFW Trends to Try for Fall

Even though social media feeds are teeming with pictures from London, I am still stuck on the sights and sounds of New York Fashion Week, showcasing the collections for Spring/Summer 2014. Yes, all of this eye candy, and it’s not even available until next year!

But I spied some trends that I just couldn’t wait until the New Year to try, so here are some highlights from some of my favorite shows, and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe for fall.

Beauty Trend | Nicole Miller: 

The Nicole Miller S/S 14 Show was a Romantic Gothic dream with pieces inspired by the beauty of Versailles. The bold patterns, stained-glass prints, and glittery du jour were the perfect ingredients for a luxe holiday in France. But the pièce de résistance – in my opinion – was the beauty look. The perfect balance of bold and feminine, the NM girls rocked a barely there coral eye, rich plum lip, and wraparound crown braids.

How-to for Fall: 

With rich olives and burgundies already on the trend list, a plum lip isn’t too far from the fall color palette. One of my fave West coast bloggers, Gal Meets Glam, recently perfected her own plum lip with a purple stain under a golden-pink gloss coat. I can’t wait to give this a go with an olive pant and easy neutral pullover.


{Nicole Miller dress & vest//Sainte-Chapelle rose window//Close-up beauty look}

Fashion Trend | J. Crew

With bright hues and killer prints, J. Crew took a cue from the West Coast and revivied a seriously cool version of the “Aloha” print. Always a fun mix of casual and classic, J. Crew gave their audiences a wholly helping of outfit inspiration by juxtaposing crisp whites and clean lines alongside bold graphic elements. The California girl in me was oohing and aahing over pieces like a stylized tsunami sweatshirt and bright matchy-matchy separates. One silhoutte I’m hoping to mimic in my wardrobe this fall is the full skirt and tucked in graphic tee {right}.

How-to for Fall:

Any easy wearing sweatshirt or pullover will do, but I’m seeing some seriously creative ways up the ante for fall. You can go simple with a graphic tee (loving the selection from Lovers+Friends) and blazer combo tucked into a fuller skirt paired with a ballet flat, or go fun and play up your sporty side like this fashionista captured by Refinery29. It’s all about accessories with this one, so don’t be afraid to add some serious glam!


{J. Crew Wave Sweatshirt//Palm Tree Inspiration//Aloha Tee & Skirt}

Which shows were you talking about the next day? Any trends you might try for Fall, or are you holding off until Spring? Share in the comments below!

Xx, E