Coachella Diaries: The Dos & Don’ts


After reading plenty of blogs and receiving some great advice from friends, we felt that we were overly prepared for the festival weekend (if that’s possible). Some pieces of information we somewhat ignored and thought we could get away with, like leather pants, black ANYTHING, and sandals. But we very quickly learned that some advice was spot-on and other words of wisdom were there to make our Coachella experience the best it could be.


Do List:

FLOWER CROWN: Our advice – make one, don’t buy one! Seriously a must, when else do you get to channel your inner flower child so freely? Check out some DIY’s here and here.

FASHIONABLE FANNY PACK/CROSSBODY: You thought the fanny pack was dead, but it is alive and well at Coachella. Neon, Designer label, Boho styles – you can really find a fanny (pack) that really suits your festival wear. Or, if you think they should stay in the past, opt for a crossbody. Just keep your hands free! No one likes to break it down with a huge backpack or purse in the way.

SNEAKERS/CLOSED TOED SHOES: You will thank us if you plan on taking on the EDM tents. We know you feel more with Mother Earth in your barefeet or more hippie in lace-up sandals, but for your own comfort and safety, cover up those toes! Coachella is a three-day, ALL day event and you will be standing for most of it…or dancing/running/cartwheels/hula hooping etc. Keep your feet happy and you will stay happy too!

CREATIVE GROUP EMBLEM: If you are going in a big group, having your own unique “thing” is a must. Something you can see high in the air or lighting up at night (or both), so that if anyone gets separated, the Minion on a stick will guide you home!  Remember: Anything goes! Giant flags, Cut-outs of lead singer’s faces, stuffed animals, pool noodles, etc.

SHORTS, ROMPERS, OR DRESSES WITH SHORTS: The desert heat is no joke and neither is the amount of sweating you will encounter! To get those carefree vibes, wear comfortable, yet cute, clothing, especially bottoms. Emmy wore a romper on the first day, and many people comment on a “bathroom situation”, but honestly I slipped the whole thing down my body, and was good to go (literally).

B.Y.O.W.B. (BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE): This one’s a biggie: HYDRATE! Coachella provides a couple of water stations for refilling bottles, so why not save some money and get a great new water bottle as another practical accessory! Remember, no metal bottles are allowed into the festival, so make sure you rock that BPA-free plastic.

FLASH TATTOOS: We mentioned the Flash Tattoos in our Day 2 Diary Post, but we saw these babies everywhere at Coachella (even on the fellas!). Add them to real jewelry, or show them off solo. We loved seeing all the creative placements and ways people wore their Flash Tats.

-BANDANNA/SCARF: Unless you want to experience #Dustchella with an exposed face, don’t forget to bring something that will cover up your nose and mouth in case the sand strikes again!

-HAT/SUNGLASSES/SUNSCREEN: Two words – Desert. Sun. Need we say more?

Read on for our “Don’ts” list!

Don’t List:

FLIP FLOPS/BARE FEET/HEELS: Especially heels. Unless you’re a glamorous VIP at the Lacoste Pool Party.

WEAR YOUR FAVORITE ANYTHING: Ugh, Emmy learned this the hard way. Her new Frye boots, which she got on serious consignment, were covered in gum after a full-day at the festival. After a couple hours with an oiled washcloth, she vowed to never wear something so cherished to a festival. Learn from her!

DO DRUGS (IRRESPONSIBLY): We aren’t naive to the fact that music festivals include a few substances to “enhance the experience”. That’s not how we roll, but we saw a few people that maybe should have left the goods at home. A happy drunk is fine, but a hot mess is not.

CREDIT CARDS: Coachella is very cash-friendly. To avoid ATM fees or losing your card, take out cash before you leave for the festival. That way you can stick to a budget, and only bring a few $20’s with you every day.

PANTS/LONG SKIRTS: Unless you are wearing lace pants or a sheer skirt. We are all for the fashion statement, but just think about it dragging all over the festival grounds and the very likely possibility of an accidental pants-ing.

JUDGE OTHERS: Everyone experiences Coachella in their own way. Respect them! Peace and love, people.

SPRINT THROUGH THE DAY (LITERALLY & FIGURATIVELY): We came to learn that Coachella is a marathon. You will be walking, standing, dancing for 8 hours or more in a day. Take breaks – get food, re-fill your water, and enjoy a band or two on a beach towel. These will help in preventing you from burning out too quickly.

YOUR WRISTBAND GOES ON YOUR RIGHT WRIST! But if you want to be a rule breaker, we won’t judge.

CROWD CUT: We know it’s a packed day and you want to have that perfect spot for every band. But please don’t be “that person” or “that group” that pushes their way to the front. Trust us – you won’t enjoy it when it happens to you.


And most importantly, enjoy every second! Coachella will meet expectation you have, and then exceed it. We are also posting our Day 3 details today, so stay tuned!

Xx, E & S


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