Photo Tour: San Onofre



When my co-worker told me about his favorite surf spot, he described it as “being transported back to the 60’s”. And I thought, how is that even possible? But driving down the winding roads to the coastline, seeing surf vans lined up against the sand, it felt like I was late to the party at 7 A.M. Half asleep, I paddled out in the decently warm water and ran into a group of four women. Usually, it’s hard for me to spot one girl let alone a group together. I hung on the outside and watched them catch wave after wave, some of them a full-on-girl-power-party wave. It was absolutely rad! Having a board on the shorter side made it slightly difficult to catch the rolling waves of “San O”, but I had a great time on the waves I was able to catch and an even better time watching the locals.

Once back on shore, people were playing volleyball, sitting in beach chairs, and jamming to music playing out of car speakers. And then it clicked, the community feeling that surfing was all about back in its hey-day was having a revival in this little beach town. Leaving with sand in my hair and a smile on my face, I plan on revisiting this treasured spot very soon.

Xx, E


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