Sweet Links

It’s the first rainy day in Southern California since I can’t even remember. Even though the traffic was abysmal and my shoes were soggy, I was contented after taking frequent work breaks to wander outside and experience the scent of fresh rain. And some of those breaks also involved checking in on the latest web content (Pinterest counts, right?). I could browse blogs and online window-shop for days, so I figured I would make my lazy day link love contagious and share my finds from today:


[1] 20 Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: I still haven’t bought a pumpkin for Fall, and knowing my carving skills will never be like this, I think I can manage an awesome henna pumpkin.

[2] Amy Soderlind Guest Posts: She’s the new West Coast writer for Free People (hi, dream job?) so I figured I needed to double-check those credentials. Verdict? Rad.

[3] Dove Beauty Sketches: A seriously insightful video from Dove about the way women perceive themselves. And to see how guys would react in the same scenario, check out the parody here.

[4] Planet Blue: a.k.a. California cool girl overload. A website full of amazing fashions from the most of-the-moment West coast/Boho babe designers, and their lookbooks and blog are the icing on the fabulous cake.

[5] 36 Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Does Too: I can always count on BuzzFeed for a good laugh, plus you will find yourself shouting “ME TOO” after almost all of these.

Happy surfing!

Xx, E


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