Photo Tour: San Francisco


{click any picture to view larger}

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to spend the Labor Day holiday in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I was ecstatic to find relief from the heat and finally try out some new outfits for fall.

I have visited San Francisco twice in the past – shocking, I know – and only seen the Union Square area. I was staying with friends in the Marina neighborhood, which is completely different from the heart of the city. I felt like I was in the suburbs; the area was uncrowded, charming, and scenic (and the rooftop views from their apartment were unreal).

We started the weekend by taking pictures by the America’s Cup arena, even though the races had already ended for the day. Then, we toured Chestnut Street, which included local eateries and supermarkets, unique shops, and ornamented buildings.

The next day we kept our tourist attitudes and roamed the Fisherman’s Wharf and rode a cable car into Union Square. Even though the line was an hour long, hanging off the side of a cable car with camera in hand was such an exciting way to view the city. I was having a serious Meet Me in St. Louis moment (even though she was on a trolley, but still).

We ended the day marveling at the sunset over the Golden Gate bridge, even though it was too foggy to actually see the bridge. After a delicious seafood dinner at Cappuro’s, we ventured over to the famous Ghirardelli Square for ice cream cones and ended with a picture-perfect stroll through Palace of the Arts (that gorgeous European-looking building).

It was a jam-packed weekend, but I had an amazing time visiting a new area of the big city and I can’t wait for my next trip! I hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures and I much as I enjoyed taking them.

Have a great Friday! Xx, E


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