An Ode to FOAM!


Do you ever find yourself completely engulfed in every article and every page of a magazine? Like, starring and bookmarking and re-reading pages until they were splitting apart? Well, that actually did not happen to us very often. At least, not until FOAM magazine entered our lives.


Headed by the stylish and courageous Sari Tuschman {above}, (F)ashion (O)cean (A)rt (M)usic magazine caught Sarah’s eye when she was browsing through the daily Refinery29 articles. Even though the article is now more than a year old, the pictures of Sari struck Sarah as a perfect portrayal of surfer chic. The passion Sari exuded about her publication and the humbleness in her responses had us signing up for subscriptions within days. Even now, one of the quotes she gave in that article still sticks with us:

“I do a lot of sports but taking up surfing was the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done. I highly recommend it for anyone who has interest in it. There’s no way to accurately describe how it changes you.”

For so long we have loved all things fashion, but never knew a magazine existed that expressed our other interests of surf, music, and art; it was as if Foam was our magazine match made in heaven.

During a live twitter chat, Sarah was able to ask the EIC herself what women were the most #foamy (best hashtag ever) to her:

Tuschman loved the question so much that she actually responded, and Sarah felt so inspired by the women she mentioned because they were so similar to her own idols (in case you didn’t know, Sarah is obsessed with DVF).

twitter 3

So, in honor of FOAM and foamy women everywhere, we wanted to return the favor and share our own inspiring women in each category.

Sarah’s picks – 

foamy 6 (fixed)

F: Mara Hoffman’s fashions can be described as “Native Bohemian,” creating prints inspired by Aztec/Mayan and Aborigine art with fresh styles and silhouettes. Her designs are meant to make women feel confident, sassy, and still whimsically, beautiful, whether on land or out at sea. New York Fashion Week is kicking off this week and we cannot wait to see Mara Hoffman’s new line…and go broke trying to buy every piece.

O: Monyca Bryne-Wickey (recently married… woohoo!) has to be a mermaid. Turning pro at age 14, Monyca is also a model for her big-brand sponsors Nike and Roxy. And with those luscious locks and killer bod, who could blame them? Monyca looked stunning in the DVF+Roxy video (yes, favorite collab ever), but her foamy style came out when she took to the premiere party {see collage}. She is an amazing example of maintaining grace and elegance in the tough, gritty world of professional surfing. Who wants to surf like dumb boys, anyways?

A: Sarah Lee (no, not that Sara Lee) creates “water people” masterpieces by combining her passion of photography with her pull of the sea. When checking my emails one day, this gorgeous underwater photo appeared with the caption “Female Surfers beneath the Waves”, and I was instantly drawn in. If you have never have the sensation of being pulled by the waves, Lee captures the magic of that feeling; it exudes out of every image. Also, I must confess that I am always a huge fan of other Sarahs…silly, yes but no matter the name, you cannot help but be inspired by Sarah Lee’s epic photography.

M: Taking risks with her music and style, being creative, staying modest, and carrying out her inner tomboy is why I envy Sara Bareilles and find her to be one heck of a foamy woman (the name helps too!). Her new hit “Brave” has become my inspirational song of the summer and if you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend checking it out. Not shying away from the context of the song, Bareilles speaks about gay rights and marriage equality inspiring the lyrics, particularly her friend who recently came out (you go, boy). Her fashion sense is unreal, evoking the message of being a strong woman and expressing her own personality through what she puts on every day, almost like a modern-day Coco Chanel.

Emmy’s picks – 

em collage (names)

F: Tory Burch can do no wrong in my eyes. Not only is she the gorgeous face behind her ultra-popular fashion brand, but she is also the brains behind her business empire and a mom to boot! Beyond the must-have flats, Tory creates beautifully classic pieces with interesting details that are timeless in any woman’s closet. And in recent big news, she is launching a beauty line that is as beautifully designed as her clothes (swoon).  And did I mention she studied art history in college? Can’t wait to see what is sure to be a stunning showing at Fashion Week.

O: She may be young, but Courtney Conlogue is a serious force to be reckoned with in the surfing world. She wowed me in the semi-finals of the U.S. Open (she’s a SoCal native), and just celebrated her 21st birthday last week by winning the Swatch Pro in France. I may like her best though because her first major surf victory was at the East Coast Surfing Championship, at the age of 14. Yes, and then she won it again the next year. And now she’s just hanging in the Top 3 of the ASP World Rankings. You go, girl.

A: I can’t get enough of Colleen Wilcox’s colorfully stylized paintings inspired by her home in Hawaii. Her subjects include beautiful flora, poised surfer girls, and undersea creatures. Even better, her canvases are radically unconventional – surfboards, paddles, hats, flip-flops, and even iPhone cases (which I need ASAP). And I love that her blog shows her as a humble and happy artist just painting in her bikini. If only we could switch lives…

M: To be honest, country is not my favorite musical genre. But, Carrie Underwood is one artist I just adore because she is so real and relatable amid her super-stardom. I remember reading her cover interview in Marie Claire over the summer, and loved how she openly admits to having sweatpants as a staple in her downtime, but she loves to dress up for big events. Plus, I think she did a fantastic portrayal of Bethany Hamilton’s youth group leader in Soul Surfer. She does it all, and hello, she’s gorgeous!

We want to know…Who are your picks for FOAMY women? Tell us in the comments below!

xx, E & S


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