Letting Out Your Inner Bombshell

We all can’t have the hair of Blake Lively, or the presence of Beyonce, or the jewelry of Elizabeth Taylor – as much as we would love to.

But, we can learn a thing or two from the awe-inspiring women of the past and present.


A recent WhoWhatWear slideshow of the 25 most inspiring bombshells of all-time not only presents a fantastic compilation of beauties, but it also got me thinking about how we can take cues from these women to let our own inner bombshells shine.

So, here’s three quick and easy tips to instantly boost your bombshell appeal. Watch out, Blake.

1. Put some color on your pout.


We aren’t all blessed with naturally rouged lips, but either a glossy pink lip or a bright red Dita Von Teese look will have eyes beelining straight to your smile. Not sure where to start? We love these video tutorials by Jaclyn Hill.

2. Change up your hair-do. 


Even though Queen Bey was only in the pixie club for a hot minute, it goes to show that a bombshell is not defined by long, luscious hair. Not ready to rush to the salon? Test out some new styles. Try throwing a few hot rollers along your middle part for some Victoria’s Secret va-va-voom. Or ditch your usual up-do by twisting almost dry hair into a tight ballerina bun until dry. Hello, goddess mane.

3. Opt for some flashy jewels, a la Miss Taylor.


If you’re feeling a little extra tired one day, a great pair of drop earrings or even a statement necklace will have everyone thinking about your bling as opposed to your bags. Not loving the hefty price tag? We both love the trendy options on Baublebar.

And even though this may go without saying, a smile is always the best thing you can wear. As Miss Hepburn said, “Happy girls are the prettiest”.

Xx, E&S


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