A Summer Read & a Splashy Get-up

Okay, so I willingly admit I am straying away from the back-to-school hype and hanging on to the last few precious moments of summer. Since it seems like the SoCal weather doesn’t want to drop below 95 anytime soon, I figured I could squeeze in one more good summer read before Labor Day weekend. So, I browsed my roommate’s enormous book collection, and found a smaller read called If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend.andy

I found this title amusing because…

1) Both my roommate and I studied Art History in college (she majored; I minored)

2) Because I have his “Marilyn Monroe” on my iPhone case which is nearly in pieces because I love it so much.

So, I cracked the book open on an afternoon by the pool. Eight hours later, I finished it.

Disclaimer: I am not a person that finishes a book in a single day. But the writing was humorous, the characters a little crazy, and the plot line well-developed.

In a quasi-nutshell, the book’s main character Jane finds herself hating her job at an art gallery and questioning her career when she can’t understand the appeal of her gallery’s client and mega-artist-superstar Ian Rhys-Fitzsimmons. When things can’t get any worse, her “perfect” boyfriend dumps her and she’s placed on a five-month long art fair tour alone with the “it” artist, whom she believes to be a phony. She deals with her mother and annoying siblings, who are actually Schnauzers, and travels all over the world and manages to find herself and her understanding of art.


(click the picture for our Art for Art’s Sake Pinterest Board)

You thought I was just going to give you a book review, right? Well, a few days later, I went out to Avila’s with some friends, and I put together this outfit that could only be described as my “inner gallery girl”. I adore the artsy watercolor print of the blouse against the edge of the studded tank, and the cool experimentation of the sock-and-ankle boot trend I’ve been seeing everywhere. And, yes, I know you can’t even see my boots, but this was the best I could manage for a quick going-out picture (I did, however, take a style cue from the gorgeous Laura Enever in Manhattan Beach).

andy emmy

Long live summer,

Xx, E

{ Shirt: Bear Dance clothing (similar here) / Blouse: Sparkle & Fade (no longer available; similar here) / Shorts: BDG Urban Outfitters / Boots: Target / Socks: Target }


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