Our favorite thing about SHARK WEEK..


In case you’re living under a rock somewhere, we’re in the middle of Shark Week mania. And amidst cruising through our social media pages, teeming with images of open-mouthed Great Whites, our jaws (get it?) dropped when we saw this super spectacular Instagram giveaway featuring Rebekah Steen/Goldfish Kiss, Mint Clothing Company, and Rockabella Jewels.


{cue girlish squealing}

The giveaway winner will take home not one, but two shark week treasures. The first is a pair of uniquely crafted gold “Shark Tooth Stud Earrings” from Rockabella Jewels and the second is the twist-back “Shark Tank” tee from Mint. We love that both companies exclusively design and sell their items from their respective home states; Rockebella Jewels is based in Hawaii and Mint Clothing Company is based in California (read more about Mint in our latest Friday Find).

So, tell your friends and re-gram to your heart’s content. Or if you have some more time on your hands, dazzle ‘em with a shark-themed collage. Either way, both prizes are a killer (there I go again) way to show your Shark Week love all year long! The winner will be announced Sunday on Mint’s Instagram.

And since we all can’t win this amazing prize, check out these other crush-worthy picks from Rockabella, and click here for their shopping page.

roc week

The Lariat//Shark Tooth Wrap Bracelet//Shark Tooth Earrings//Puka Shell Bangle

Gold Shell Bracelet//Gold Arrowhead

Best of luck!

xx, E&S


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