The time to set goals is MONDAY

My entire month of July was crazy. I moved out of my house in San Luis Obispo, lived out of a suitcase, took part in my best friend’s wedding, and then moved into a new house in Orange County. I was keeping up with my fitness all until the second week of July, and then it went to crap.

You know how sometimes you feel like you haven’t worked out in so long that you don’t want to embarrass yourself by trying to start from Square One again? Yeah, me too. But then again, I love the saying that “even when you’re slow, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch”. Seriously, though, it’s true.

And it’s no secret that my sister and I are huge fans of Goldfish Kiss (aka Rebekah Steen). She basically lives and blogs in her bikini, and looks darn good doin’ it. Case in point:


She prescribes workouts for the classic gym-goers as well as the “do-it-at-home” gals, and they will give you seriously sore muscles (but, in a good way).

So, I am instantly offsetting my case of the Mondays by setting a fitness goal today and trying to keep it through the rest of the week. And I am using Rebekah’s blog, along with some personal advice to get me there.


I’m not saying that today I’m going to start with a five-mile run to make up for lost time. It’s a process to get back into the swing of things, and keeping a healthy state of mind is key. So, in her fabulous graphic fashion, I give you Rebekah’s Daily Health Checklist:


The little things that you should keep in mind everyday will make such a difference. And I’m also going to try to add in the run from her “12 days of 20 minute workouts” series and a few rounds of Burning Bikini Bod Legs to work up a daily sweat. Or just browse through her Fitness section and you’ll probably be up all night being inspired to get outside.


It’s probably no surprise that our biggest flaw in maintaining healthy diets is lack of preparation. If you’re not adequately stocked and prepped with healthy food choices for the week, you are a million times more likely to be tempted by something sinful in a rush. And yes, I am as guilty as anyone (two words, ice cream).

But one of my wonderful fitness friends told me that a great equation for healthy eating is 90/10 – meaning keeping 90% of the foods you consume to one ingredient. Chicken, apples, eggs, lettuce, carrots, you get the picture. And then the other 10% can be things with a few more ingredients, but not as many as Cheez-its or gummi bears.

For example, a typical great eating day for me is one egg and two egg whites with strawberries for breakfast; a lunch wrap (100% Organic Whole Wheat from Trader Joe’s) with cooked chicken breast, arugula, green onions, balsamic vinegar, and shredded carrots; and salmon with steamed broccoli and sauteed spinach for dinner. I have a few cups of coffee throughout the day and maybe one or two healthy snacks, but that’s about it. Yes, it’s a little boring, but it works for me. For some more creative clean eating menus, check out Jenny Collier’s site.

Hopefully this inspires you to start the week off right!

xx, E


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